Welcome to the Arizona Technology in Education Association (AzTEA) Wikispace.Fantastic Summer Reading!This is an incredible compilation of chapters from a newly released, crowd-sourced ebook (free) that was officially announced at ISTE 2012. These are all of the submissions for the Classroom 2.0 Fifth Anniversary Book Project. I'm sure many of you are members of the Classroom 2.0 Ning Network which was created by Steve Hargadon back in March, 2007. It now has close to 69,000 members from around the world, and continues to grow as a place for educators to connect and collaborate. This ebook is a growing compilation of chapters so be sure to follow it so you'll be notified of updates. The entire compilation of chapters can be viewed/downloaded here:


ISTE 2012 will be held in San Diego, CA, June 24-27, 2011.

For more information and registration page:


Coming Soon! Watch for updates on our AzTEA wiki here: ISTE 2012

AzTEA Westside Virtual Technology Conference May 5, 2012

The conference was hosted on the AzTEA Moodle site and all resources can be accessed by logging in as a guest.

Page for all presentations and associated Livebinders and resources:


Link to AzTEA Livestream Channel for live streaming of selected events.

The latest stream available for you to view is the

WOW Conference, Saturday, May 1, 2010: Kevin Honeycutt, Keynote Speaker

You can view this stream and see pictures and additional information about WOW 2010 on this page.

Previous special events streamed: Tony Vincent's keynote presentation at T&T in Vail, AZ, Sat. Jan. 23, 2010 and the recording of the Welcome/Opening Greetings and Qwest Award Winners, BYOL session recorded at NECC 2009 of a presentation by Rushton Hurley: Cool Tricks for Making and Using Video", WOW Conference, May 2, 2009 kickoff ceremony and the keynote presentation by Dr. Howie DiBlasi on Google Secrets, MEC Gala Awards, Tuesday, March 10, 2009 12:00-1:00pm, Westside AzTEA Leadership Meeting and Professional Development, April 4, 2009.
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