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Application process for individuals wanting to schedule a webinar/event that they will moderate--how will they demonstrate they have completed training and are prepared to moderate the session; approval process needed?

Should we have a different process for public sessions (recorded and archived) and private sessions (not recorded, by invitation only)
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Please select value Professor, Teacher, Librarian, Professional Development Coordinator, Curriculum Designer, Instructional Technologist Administrator, Life Long Learner (Retiree), Other .
You may change this later or add additional roles. This helps us recommend webinars to our participants.

Other possibilities for drop-down menu:
Superintendent, Curriculum Director, Professional Development Director, Technology Director, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Title One Coordinator, Principal, Paraprofessional, Parent, College/University, Media Specialist/Librarian, Curriculum Director, Teacher, Media Specialist/Librarian, Administrator,
Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Title One Coordinator, Paraprofessional

An additional category could also be " Intended Audience" and include the same drop-down menu for selecting the most appropriate categories to target for the webinar/event.

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After an application is approved by the committee an e-mail will have to be formulated to send to applicant accepting/rejecting them as a moderator. The applicant will then receive access to the Event Scheduling Form.

To Do: (would welcome a volunteer to draft this)
Write e-mail message template that will be sent to people who have submitted an application that informs them they have been approved (or not) and information for logging in to the Elluminate site.

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Are we requiring them to be an AzTEA member? kt