AzTEA Blackboard Collaborate Professional Development Webinars

We are excited to have the opportunity to provide a Blackboard Collaborate site (formerly Elluminate) that can be used by any AzTEA member to offer webinars, conduct Chapter and organization meetings, host conferences, and provide training on the use of Blackboard Collaborate. This fantastic tool is being provided as a Community Partnership with Blackboard Collaborate and AzTEA/SIT. Procedures have been developed to facilitate the process of providing these webinars in Blackboard Collaborate. Following are the policies and procedures which will be used to guide the process and will be updated as needed.


Purpose Statement

Moderator Agreement/ Terms of Service

Application process for individuals wanting to schedule a webinar/event Moderator Application

Scheduling or Calendaring the Event Event Scheduling Form

Registration to participate: (Click on link in left menu "Host A Webinar" You need to be logged in to be able to see this link.)

Blackboard Collaborate v. 11 and Elluminate v. 10 Tutorials

Link for calendar of scheduled events on Blackboard Collaborate

As an AzTEA member with moderator privileges in Blackboard Collaborate you are eligible to complete an Event Scheduling Form. To schedule an event you will use the scheduling form on the AzTEA website.

Link for Pre-show playlist if you'd like to use this to start your webinars/meeting in a webtour (or you can create your own playlist):

Set of opening introductory/exit slides for each webinar presentation to provide basics on using Blackboard Collaborate with AzTEA branding for both opening and closing sessions. These will need to be downloaded as a PPT file and then uploaded into Blackboard Collaborate at the beginning of each session by the moderator.

NOTE: This is a revised set of slides to reflect the change in the platform to Blackboard Collaborate. Use as many of the introductory slides as you need to familiarize your participants with the features you will be using in Blackboard Collaborate. Everyone moderating webinars using this AzTEA Community Partner license should use all of the exit slides that give credit to the partnership and to AzTEA and S.I.T. Invite participants to join and get involved with AzTEA as active contributors. (8/30/11)

AzTEA Professional Development Webinars and Chapter Meetings (intro/exit slides):

URL for feedback survey for webinars: (ask participants to complete this survey following each webinar-URL is included in final slide)
Tiny URL for the survey form:

NOTE: By completing the survey, participants can request a professional development certificate for 1 hour of re-certification credit if they provide their name and email address. They can request this certificate whether they participate in the live session or via Blackboard Collaborate recording.