If you are using Elluminate for the first time or need help logging into an Elluminate session, start here:
NOTE TO WEBINAR MODERATORS: This is a revised set of slides to reflect the change in the platform to Blackboard Collaborate. Use as many of the introductory slides as you need to familiarize your participants with the features you will be using in Blackboard Collaborate. Everyone moderating webinars using this AzTEA Community Partner license should use all of the exit slides that give credit to the partnership and to AzTEA and S.I.T. Invite participants to join and get involved with AzTEA as active contributors. (8/30/11)

AzTEA Professional Development Webinars and Chapter Meetings: (Intro/exit slides to use with webinars)
Download the slides as a PPT and upload the PPT when you enter the Blackboard Collaborate site)

Elluminate is now Blackboard Collaborate!

If you have any problems using Blackboard Collaborate on your computer, this is an important link for you to use to troubleshoot the problem. It will automatically detect your computer operating system and your java version. If either of those are a problem it provides additional troubleshooting information and links where you can test your audio and setup.


New tutorial content for Blackboard Collaborate v. 11 (August 2011)

Blackboard Collaborate Online Learning: Web Conferencing

Web conferencing essentials for Participants using Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Web Conferencing Participant's Guide

Blackboard Collaborate Video Tutorial for Participants

How to create a profile/avatar to save in Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Essentials for Moderators

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Overview for Moderators (recording)

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Moderator's Guide

Blackboard Collaborate Getting Started for Moderators Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

VoiceThread Training Videos especially helpful to Moderators

There are some excellent, short Voicethread training videos on Tammy Moore's VirtualHomeSchool website that were created by Lorie Moffat. She has taken each feature and created a Voicethread with slides and audio and you can pick exactly what you want to learn about. The Moodle website is here and you can click on "Join as Guest" to access all of the Voicethreads.

Collaborate Online Classroom for Teachers


If you're interested in additional resources about facilitating and learning in online environments, here are some great links and documents to explore.

Best Practices for Hosting Blended Events

Top Ten Habits of Highly Effective Elluminate Moderators

Best Practices in Synchronous Conferencing Moderation

TechLearning: Best Practices in Live Synchronous Online Teaching

144 Tips on Synchronous e-Learning: Strategy + Research

Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning
A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies

Asynchronous and Synchronous E-Learning
A study of asynchronous and synchronous e-learning methods discovered that each supports different purposes

Another outstanding resource is a book written by Becky Pike Pluth called Webinars with WOW Factor: Tips, Tricks and Interactive Activities for Virtual Training. This is a YouTube video of Becky presenting a webinar on these tips.



Elluminate Training/Support

Here is a great quick reference guide you can print out to help you get started with Elluminate version 10 (the version we are currently using for AzTEA):
external image pdf.png 104-Elluminate_Live__Participant_Quick_Reference_Guide.pdf

You can also use this short online tutorial to guide you through getting started (takes 5-10 minutes to complete)

Orientation Contents

This orientation session is organized into the following topics:
  1. How to Test Your Audio
  2. How to Set Your Connection Speed
  3. Elluminate //Live!// Main Environment
  4. Raising Your Hand
  5. Using Audio to Talk
  6. Sending Chat Messages
  7. Using the Whiteboard
  8. Where to Find More Information

If you still have problems or questions about using Elluminate to participate in webinars or meetings, you can always contact the Elluminate Help Desk through their support portal where you will find many FAQs and additional contact information: http://support.elluminate.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=2653

As you are logging into the session these tips may be helpful to you:
*Be sure to join the session 5 – 10 minutes prior to the start.
*Set your Connection Speed to the Internet.
*Use the Audio Setup Wizard to test your microphone and
*Participate in the session by responding to polls and providing
feedback to the moderator.
*Raise your hand when you have a question or a
*Use Chat to send text messages to other participants and the
moderator during the session.
*Remember that running other applications on your computer can
slow your connection to Elluminate Live!