Planning Meeting Notes, Agendas, and Discussion

Contact list for planning team 2011-2012

Nancy Pratt <>,
Amy Chayefsky <>,
Julia Lott <>,
Amy Chayefsky <>,
Cherie Stafford <>,
Jill Felty <>,
Jan Wolfgram <>,
Peggy George <>,
Jane Koval <>,
Jan Wolfgram <>,
Randy Thomas <>,
Anne Gaskie <>
Debbie Tanori

Meetings 2011-2012

We will be planning our events, etc.
We would like to discuss the following ideas:
  • Having a "TeachMeet" in the same idea as an "Unconference". (a 'la Edubloggercon).
  • On the agenda at this meeting we will concentrate on the following:
    • date/times people could possibly get away
    • Location
    • theme: I.E. Google, Web 2.0,
    • Speaker
    • Lightening Rounds
    • Time for breakouts, "unconference" Style.
Monday, Dec. 19
4 - 5 PM

Date for Teach Meet (Mar. 2nd, tentative, 8:30 - 12:30
Monday, Jan. 9
4 - 5:30 PM
Adobe Connect
Planning for Teach Meet

2010- 2011





Oct. 1, Friday
9 A.M.
Planning events for 10-11 school year.

1 - Our ideas for our chapter events this year. Some of those will be ideas from the survey and some will be whatever you bring to the "table" with you.
2 - Meeting schedule: preferences for when and where to "meet" this year Fridays, 9-10:30 AM, in Elluminate for now, but may also do face to face.
3 - contact information to share with each other
4 - Other news, events, information from you

If you missed the meeting, you can see the survey results here:

*See below for recap of meeting (also sent in email).
Nov. 5, Friday
9 AM
1. Review first hosted ISTE webinar event from Nov. 2nd in Tempe.
2. Plans for future hosted webinars. Locations? Should we host in various locations?
3. Review other Eastside plans for 2010-2011.
  1. Face to face workshops: Creating Sound with GarageBand or Audacity, Date?
  2. Other workshops?
4. News: Qwest Grant dates for Dec. and Feb. MEC news
Feb. 4, 2011
9 AM
Attending: Jill Felty, Jane Koval, Randy Thomas, Peggy George, Jan Wolfgramm, Julia Lott

THANK-YOU to Nancy Pratt and Randy Thomas for hosting our Eastside events in January. Through Nancy's efforts, 8 of Cave Creek's Tech Cadre attended the Jan. 12th event in Cave Creek USD. We had good discussions during and following the webinar.
15 teachers attended the hands on workshop: Bing, Bang, Badda Boom: Creating Sound for Your Curriculum - our most successful event this year!! 12 of those teachers were from the schools Randy contacted and 3 were from Paradise Valley USD - thank-you Randy and Jill/Jane! Both Nancy and Randy provided an amazing assortment of "snackages" (Randy's term - I love it)!

Here is the link to our recorded Planning Meeting from Friday, Feb. 1st. We planned some exciting offerings and had suggestions for marketing our workshops more. site/external/jwsdetect/ playback.jnlp?psid=2011-02-04. 0846.D. AC392E6A5156797E29CE85683F65F4 .vcr&sid=vclass
Thanks, once again, to Peggy George for attending the meeting and helping me along. She also added thoughts and ideas to our discussions, and gave us an update on WOW (it will be a virtual conference this year).

I have updated our wiki with the information for the 2 new workshops we are offering.
Details on the May workshop will be available later this month, from Jan Wolfgramm. (She is contacting Dr. Alice Christie.)

The planning team suggested that one way to market our offerings (increasing attendance) would be to personally contact as many districts/schools as possible, each time we have a workshop. They would like us to have a spreadsheet with the districts or schools listed, our names next to those we have a contact for and are willing to contact. This will also give us the districts schools we have no contact for. Julia offered to cold call districts where we have no contact information. If there is anyone else who would be willing to help her, please contact her.
This a link to the Google spreadsheet where you can enter your contacts. Be sure to list your own district or school first and "self" in the Contact Name field.

Please remember to advertise the Feb. 17th hosted webinar!
Mar. 4,
9 AM
f2f, Location tbd
Please conact Julia Lott about this planning meeting.

March Meeting Minutes

Oct. 1st Meeting recap:

We had a very productive meeting Friday for our chapter. The link to the Elluminate session is below, if you would like to listen to it all or read the chat. (Thanks to Peggy george for providing it and helping me out on Friday.)

The important outcomes of the meeting were:

  • We will meet monthly for now, but this can be revisited at any time.

  • We will meet via Elluminate, but again this can be revisited.

  • The meetings will be the first Friday of the month, from 9:00 - 10:30 AM.

  • There were three ideas for our chapter focus this year:
    • Face to Face workshops/sessions held at various eastside locations. 60 minutes of workshop time. 30 minutes of sharing, professional community dialog, and introducing participants to our next 2 ideas. We will start with these courses right away. Randy Thomas is working on getting us dates to have a Music/sound/recording with technology + curriculum focus at Tesseract. Will have 2 sessions, one with GarageBand and one with Audacity. Jan Wolfgram is also working on a date to have a Google Treks session with Dr. Alice Christie held in Tempe. For now, the workshops will be 4:30 - 6:00.

    • Webinars via Elluminate. We will start with using the ISTE webinars for this year. AzTEA will have a subscription and so will Tempe. Jan will look in to hosting these in Tempe. This will allow us to share one subscription among a group. It will also allow us to introduce webinars to those who are unfamiliar and unsure. We will also include the 30 minute post-webinar sharing and extending the learning. Will be 4:30 - 6 PM.

    • Just-In-Time, Ask an Expert service provided to educators via a Moodle room or a wiki page. Randy Thomas had this idea for those teachers who need a quick how-to. We would host "office times" in the Moodle Room or wiki when we would be available live. These could then be archived and cataloged for future reference. We just began developing this idea.

  • Participants will get a certificate of participation. Cherie will do this, until someone else wants to help out. :-)

  • Randy and Jan really stepped up in volunteering to get this going. We all wanted to begin right away, so planning for the two workshops listed above will be done by the presenters during the next couple of weeks. Randy, Jan, and I will be the presenters.

Would you like to participate in this exciting, vibrant plan for the Eastside chapter?
We would love to have more people involved. Any AzTEA member can host, co-host, present, co-present, and come up with your own idea!

If you would like to have one of the face to face workshops in your district, please let us know. We can arrange to be/go to any of our Eastside districts/schools (I am offering this bravely, and with confidence we can make it happen!)

Next meeting: Friday, Nov. 5th, 9:00 - 10:30, via Elluminate. If anyone would like to do a hybrid meeting, you/they can join me here at the Maricopa County Education Service Agency office. Just let me know, so I can give you directions and plan the parking pass for you. (We are Central and Indian School).

Check the wiki for more information, a year-long list of meetings, the Elluminate link will always be there, and more!!

Co-Chairs: Cherie Stafford,

Julia Lott,